• Betting Company: A legally established entity that manages betting activities in compliance with the stipulations of its licensing agreement.
  • Betting Operations: These involve providing services connected to placing bets and managing betting pools, which may utilize telecommunication networks. Activities encompass compiling upcoming event lists, accepting wagers, recording and tracking bets, monitoring event results, and calculating and disbursing winnings.
  • Customer (player): An individual engaged in a contractual agreement with the Betting Operator to place bets.
  • Bet: An agreement between the Client and the Betting Operator where the Client stakes money on the uncertain result of a forthcoming event, with potential winnings based on this outcome. The winning amount is determined by the wagered sum and the odds set by the Bookmaker.
  • Betting markets: A catalog of events and potential outcomes with associated winning probabilities offered by the Betting Operator for placing bets.
  • Stake: The monetary amount paid to the Betting Operator by the Client as a fee to participate in a bet. This amount is instrumental in calculating the winnings.
  • Odds: A numerical value allocated by the Betting Operator to a particular outcome in the Sportsbook. This figure, when multiplied by the Client’s stake, determines the potential winnings.
  • Prize (win): These are the monetary rewards, goods, or rights of ownership transferred to the Player if their bet is successful, as defined by the terms and conditions of the bet.

Outcome: The actual outcome of the event on which a Client has placed a bet.

Types of bets

Varieties of bets offered by LopeBet with all details:

  1. Single Bet: This is a wager placed on a specific outcome within a single market. The winnings are determined by multiplying the stake by the odds set for the chosen outcome.
  2. Multiple Bet: This involves betting on outcomes across several independent markets. For a multiple bet to be successful, every selected outcome must be correctly predicted. A single incorrect prediction results in a loss of the entire multiple bet. The winnings are calculated by multiplying the stake by the odds for each included outcome. Up to 30 selections can be included in pre-match mode, and up to 20 in Live mode for a multiple bet.
  3. System Bet: A system bet is a collection of multiple bets of the same size created from a selection of outcomes chosen by the Customer. The winnings are the total of the winnings from all the multiples included in the system. Each multiple within the system is calculated separately. A system bet can include up to 15 selections, with the highest odds for each option capped at 300.
  4. Market Restrictions in Multiples and Systems: Bets on various markets related to the same match are generally not allowed in multiples or system bets, even if they are not directly connected. However, exceptions are made for certain indirectly interconnected markets in football and football statistics, provided the outcomes don’t affect each other. Specific combinations of markets are prohibited, while others are allowed as long as they don’t involve related outcomes. LopeBet has the final say in determining if outcomes are interconnected.
  5. Group Stage Bets in Tournaments: For bets on teams progressing through tournament group stages, only one team per group is allowed within a multiple or system bet. Bets on more than one team in the same group will be voided, even if not initially blocked by the system.
  6. Final Winning Odds Determination: The final winning odds for all types of bets consider factors like specific outcome rules (handicap spreads, totals, etc.), event cancellations, or postponements. Bets on events that are cancelled or postponed will be settled at odds of 1.00.
  7. Bet Settlement Clarifications: For comprehensive details on how bets are settled, Customers are directed to the ‘Bet Settlement’ section.

Betting rules

Betting regulations at LopeBet are the following:

  • Acceptance of Bets: All wagers are taken based on the betting options listed on the LopeBet website at the time the bet is placed.
  • Timing of Bets: Bets are generally placed on the regular time of a match (excluding overtime), unless specified otherwise in the LopeBet Sports rules.
  • Stake Limits: Only amounts acknowledged by the Company and within the Customer’s current account balance are accepted.
  • Live and Pre-Event Bets: Bets are primarily accepted before the event begins, except for Live bets placed during the event. Customers confirm their ignorance of the event outcome upon wagering. Any disputes must be raised within five days, accompanied by the Customer’s identification.
  • Event Timing: The date and time listed next to the event indicate betting closure, not necessarily the actual event start. Settlement is based on the verified start time.
  • Market Adjustments: The Company may alter betting markets, odds, and other conditions at any time. Previous bets remain under the terms placed.
  • Team Designations: The home team is typically listed first unless specified. Header details are for reference only and aren’t grounds for bet refunds.
  • Misrepresentations: Bets are void if significant team details are omitted or incorrect. However, minor mistakes or grammatical errors don’t affect bets.
  • Team Numbering: In most sports, the home team is “1”, and the away team is “2”. For certain sports, numbering is arbitrary, and venue details are for informational purposes.
  • Round/Matchday Statistics: Bets on statistics consider only the matches listed on the Website. If a match is void, related round/matchday bets are refunded.
  • Football and Ice Hockey Restrictions: Multiple outcomes on the same match in accumulators and systems are restricted for certain markets.
  • Cup Events: Bets on advancing to the next round are offered for cup competitions.
  • Venue Changes: Bets stand if the venue changes, even to the opponent’s country for international events.
  • Participant Errors: If wrong participants are listed, all bets on the event are void.
  • Final Results and Abandonment: Initial results stand for settlement purposes unless officially amended. If a match is abandoned and not completed within 25 hours, bets are refunded except for those on outcomes already determined.
  • No Credit Betting: Bets must be placed with available funds. Bets made without sufficient funds due to technical errors are void.
  • Stake Limits: Minimum and maximum stakes are subject to change and may vary for individual Players.
  • Post-event Bets: Bets placed after an event’s result is known are void.
  • Customer Agreement: By betting, Customers confirm their agreement with these rules. Bets cannot be altered or canceled once confirmed.
  • Customer Restrictions: Bets are not accepted from minors, participants in the event, other betting companies, or those attempting to exploit the Betting Company.
  • Bet Confirmation: A bet is considered accepted once it appears in the Bet History. Disputes consider the registration time in the Company’s system.
  • Collusion and Repeated Bets: LopeBet may void identical bets from one or multiple Customers suspected of collusion.
  • Customer Responsibility: Customers must ensure the accuracy of their bets. Lost passwords or technical issues on the Customer’s end are not grounds for bet cancellation.
  • Time of Event Disputes: Customers disputing the timing of an event for bet cancellation must provide official documentation within three days of the event start.
  • Event Start Time: In disputes over start times, if official regulators cannot provide information, LopeBet’s timing is considered accurate.
  • Technical Failures: Communication issues on the Customer’s side do not warrant bet cancellation.
  • Password Loss: Loss of password is not a valid reason for bet cancellation or fund withdrawal cancellation.
  • Automated Betting: Access may be denied if robot betting is detected.
  • Company’s Right to Decline: The Company can refuse bets from any Customer, especially those who violate the Rules.
  • Information Sources: The Company endeavors to gather information from official sources. Inaccessible or erroneous official data may be supplemented by alternative sources.
  • Claim Limitations: The Company’s liability in disputes is limited to the stake size or potential winnings.
  • Data Priority: In disputes, LopeBet’s database takes precedence over other data.
  • Sport-Specific Details: Further information on bets for specific sports can be found in the “Sports” section of these Rules.
  • Market Combination Restrictions: Certain market/outcome combinations within the same match or tournament are prohibited in accumulators and systems. These restrictions are void if not blocked at the time of acceptance.
  • IP Address Betting: Using the same IP for multiple Players may lead to suspicion of collusion. The Administration may request identification in such cases.
  • Total of Three Outcomes: This type applies to all sports and involves predicting whether the event’s total will be over, under, or exactly as specified in the market.
  • CashOut Option: This allows for early bet settlement before the match result is known. The payout depends on the odds at the time of the CashOut request and may be more or less than the original bet amount. The final

Live betting

At LopeBet, we want to ensure that our customers have the best possible experience when it comes to live betting. That’s why we have put together some comprehensive guidelines to help you understand how live betting works and how you can make the most out of your betting experience:

Introduction to Live BettingLopeBet offers the opportunity for customers to place bets during a match or live event on outcomes that are still undecided. Bets placed after a result has been determined are invalid and will be refunded at odds of 1.
Dynamic OddsOdds in Live mode are continually updated based on real-time developments during the match. Customers should consider these updates as indicative only. Incorrect intermediary results do not warrant bet cancellation.
Bet Acceptance OptionsWhen engaging in Live betting, players can choose how they wish their bets to be accepted concerning odds changes: “Accept all changes in odds” or “Accept only higher odds”.
Settlement of Live BetsLive bets are settled based on the known outcomes at the end of the event. Subsequent changes do not influence the settlement. LopeBet utilizes its own match statistics and available play data for settlement purposes. Unless stated otherwise, bets on non-participating athletes are void. For markets where outcomes become known during the match, bets are settled as soon as the result is clear.
Continuation of Bets After InterruptionBets for which outcomes have been determined in Live mode will stand and be settled even if the event is interrupted. This includes bets on next goals, cards, specific match parts, and any ‘over’ totals reached.
Timeframe for ClaimsAny claims concerning Live event bets must be made within 24 hours from the event’s start.
Match Interruption ProtocolIf a match is interrupted and not concluded within 25 hours, bets that have been settled remain valid. For undecided outcomes at the time of abandonment, bets will be settled at odds of 1.
Right to Correct ErrorsThe Company retains the right to rectify evident errors arising from odds entry or payout calculations (e.g., mistakes in handicaps, totals, odds) even post-event. Affected bets may be voided with payouts at odds of 1.
Disclaimer on AccuracyLopeBet does not guarantee the accuracy of live event results. For the most accurate and current information, customers are advised to consult alternative information sources.

Minimum and maximum bets

At our casino, there are specific minimum and maximum bets that players must adhere to. These limits are carefully determined to ensure a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for all patrons. Let’s discuss them in detail:

  1. Stake Limits: The minimum stake for both Live and regular (non-Live) markets is set at 10 INR. For each option within a system bet, the minimum is 3 INR. For accumulator bets, the maximum overall odds are capped at 1000. Any accumulators exceeding this will be settled at these capped odds. Each option within a system bet has a maximum odds limit of 300; options exceeding this will also be settled at the capped odds.
  2. Maximum Payout Per Bet: The highest payout one can receive from a single bet slip is 8,000,000.00 INR or its equivalent in the account’s currency at the time of the payout.
  3. Variable Maximum Stakes: The maximum stake is subject to the specific sport, event, and bet type. LopeBet sets these limits and may adjust them as needed. These limits can change without prior notice. LopeBet also reserves the right to impose or remove special stake limitations on individual Customer accounts at its discretion, without prior notification or explanation.
  4. Financial Restrictions Across Colluding Customers: All financial limits apply to every colluding Customer or group of Customers who place bets on identical outcomes. If a Customer places multiple bets on the same outcomes, the total payout may be restricted to one maximum payout as per the existing limitations.

Main Markets

Experience the thrill of placing bets on matches without handicap, where the odds are in your favor. You have a variety of options to choose from:

  • Standard Match Betting:
Home Team to Win (1)Wager on the home team’s victory.
Draw (X)Wager on the match ending in a draw.
Away Team to Win (2)Wager on the away team’s victory.
Home Team to Win or Draw (1X)Successful if the home team wins or draws.
Home or Away Team to Win (12)Successful if either team wins, no draw outcome.
Away Team to Win or Draw (X2)Successful if the away team wins or draws.
  • Handicap Betting: Handicap alters the playing field by giving an advantage or disadvantage to a team or player, expressed in goals, points, etc. Outcomes are determined after applying the handicap value.
  • Over/Under (Total) Bets: Wager on whether the total number of goals, points, or games will be over, under, or precisely a specific number set by the Bookmaker. For team totals, only the selected side’s scores count.
  • Dynamic Odds and Values: Be aware that total and handicap values, as well as odds, can change after a bet is placed. However, the terms of already accepted bets remain unchanged unless errors are detected.
  • Correct Score in Match/Set: Predict the exact final score of the match or set.
  • Half Time/Full Time (HT/FT): Predict the result at both half-time and full-time. Adding more than one HT/FT outcome in accumulators and systems is prohibited.
  • Winner and Qualification Bets: Wagers on the competition winner or qualification for the next round. Special rules apply if a player withdraws or in the event of a tie.
  • Round or Match Day Statistics: Bets on the cumulative statistics of a round or match day. Refunds apply if any match within the round does not take place, except for outcomes already determined.
  • Odd/Even Total Bets: Wager on whether the total number of goals or points will be odd or even. A 0:0 score is considered even.

LopeBet may offer various other markets. For in-depth information, refer to the sections dedicated to specific sports.

General Notes:

  1. Only bets within the specified stake limits are accepted.
  2. All bets are subject to the rules and terms set forth by LopeBet.
  3. Live betting options are available with constantly changing odds based on the live action.
  4. Ensure you understand the conditions for each type of bet and market before placing your wager.

Bets settlement

At LOpeBet, bets are settled in a professional and transparent manner. The settlement process is carried out by our team of experienced sports analysts and traders, ensuring that all bets are settled accurately and promptly:

  • Settlement Basis: Bets are settled based on the markets available on the Website per LopeBet Rules and must be confirmed by LopeBet.
  • Result Validation: Official governing bodies and alternative sources, including video recordings, validate results. Bets are settled per the “Results” section on the LopeBet website. Discrepancies or errors may lead to LopeBet making the final settlement decision.
  • Settlement Timing: Pre-match bets are settled within three days post-event, and Live bets within 20 minutes to three hours, based on information availability.
  • Credit of Winnings: Winnings are credited to the Customer’s account within 10 minutes of bet settlement completion.
  • Accuracy of Results: Claims must be based on data from official sources. Other sources cannot be grounds for review or resettlement.
  • Event Timing: Provided dates and times are indicative. Bets remain valid if placed before the actual start, even if event timing is incorrect. Postponements within 25 hours mean bets stand; beyond that, bets are void except under specific sports rules.
  • Refund Protocol: A refunded bet is considered “won” at odds of 1.00. The stake is refunded for single bets. For accumulators or systems, the overall odds are adjusted accordingly.
  • Settlement of Match Results: Bets are settled based on the result announced on the match date unless contradicted by specific sports rules. Changes due to governing body decisions or suspicions of fixed matches may lead to bet suspension or cancellation.
  • Abandoned Events: If an event is abandoned, bets on periods already completed are refunded. For ongoing events, bets are void unless resumed and concluded within 25 hours.
  • Format Changes: If an event’s format changes, bets on determined outcomes stand. Others are void unless notified of the change on LopeBet.
  • Cancellations and Amendments: Bets are refunded if a match is canceled within 25 hours after official confirmation. Initially announced results are used for settlement, even if later amended.
  • Qualification Bets: Bets on team/player qualifications are valid despite match postponements or venue changes. Changes in qualification post-match do not affect bet settlements.
  • Athlete/Team Withdrawal: If an athlete/team cannot continue in an event, the bet is settled as lost unless special conditions apply, such as event cancellation or venue change.
  • Payout Limits: Winnings are paid within the Company’s set limits. If winnings exceed the maximum, only the allowed amount is paid.
  • Sports-Specific Settlements: Some sports have additional settlement details provided in the respective sections of these Rules.
  • Dispute Resolution: In unprecedented disputes, LopeBet makes the final decision on bet settlements.

Obvious and technical errors

Handling of obvious and technical errors at LopeBet:

  1. No Liability for Errors: LopeBet is not liable for errors in entering, transferring, or settling bets. Specifically, the Company reserves the right to correct obvious errors in odds entry and bet settlements or to void bets post-event.
  2. Correction of Obvious Errors: When obvious errors are corrected, stakes are refunded. Examples include:
Odds Entry ErrorsIncorrectly displayed odds due to missing decimal points or extra digits.
Mirror ErrorsThe favorite is mistakenly given higher odds than the underdog.
Display Order ErrorsTeams or players are displayed in reverse order, affecting the bet outcome.
  1. Indicators of Obvious Errors: Significant odds discrepancy with other bookmakers or unrealistic odds given the match context may indicate an obvious error. LopeBet has sole discretion to determine such errors.
  2. Right to Void Bets: LopeBet may void bets involving obvious errors, including those placed at clearly incorrect odds. Affected customers will be notified of any changes to their account balance.
  3. Post-Event Voiding: Bets may be voided even after an event concludes if they were won due to technical failure or an obvious error.
  4. Invalid Bets Due to Insufficient Funds: Bets placed when a customer lacks sufficient funds due to technical issues are considered invalid.
  5. User Accountability: Users may be held responsible for any damage caused by intentionally exploiting technical or administrative errors when transacting on their account.

Important Notes:

  • The determination of what constitutes an obvious or technical error is at LopeBet’s discretion.
  • Customers are urged to check their bets thoroughly and be aware of the odds and conditions before placing bets.

Special Bets

Acceptance of special bets:

  1. Deadline for Placing Bets: Bets are accepted until the official beginning of the first event as per the listed markets.
  2. Event Start Time Accuracy: The indicated start time and date in the markets denote when bet acceptance ceases, irrespective of any discrepancies with the actual event’s start. Settlement hinges on the actual start time as verified by official documentation from the organizing authority.
  3. Odds Adjustment Rights: The Bookmaker retains the right to alter winning odds anytime. However, bets placed prior to such adjustments will be honored based on the original terms.

Settlement of special bets:

  1. Calculation and Payment: Winnings for valid bets – those aligned with the prevailing market list and LopeBet Rules, and confirmed by the Bookmaker – are calculated and paid post-event.
  2. Event Conclusion Settlement: Bets are settled following the conclusion of all relevant events, adhering to LopeBet’s established bet settlement Rules.
  3. Settlement at Odds of 1.00: If one or more selections in a special bet are settled at odds of 1.00, the entire bet is likewise settled at these odds, irrespective of the results of other selections.
  4. Impact of a Losing Selection: Should any selection within a special bet lose, the entire bet is deemed lost, regardless of the outcomes of other selections.


The LopeBet player vs. player comparison is a unique betting offer. The customer can wager on which player of the two performs better, that is, who scores more goals:

  1. Prior to the game, wagers on “Player vs. Player” markets are accepted. 
  2. Even if the event’s actual start date and time differ, the event start time and date shown in the list of markets is when wager acceptance ends. The actual start time of the event, as determined by the official documents (protocols) of the organization organizing the event, is the basis for settling bets.
  3. The winning odds are subject to change at any time by the bookmaker. The conditions of the wagers made by the customer prior to the modifications taking effect will not alter.
  4. Unless otherwise specified by the betting regulations for the particular sport, bets will be accepted during the regular portion of the game.

Betting on “Player vs. Player” markets and their acceptance and settlement. 

Three results follow from this proposition: Draw, Player 1, Player 2. 

If Player 1 scores more goals than Player 2, the “Player 1” wager wins. 

If Player 2 scores more goals than Player 1, the “Player 2” wager wins. 

If there are exactly equal numbers of goals, the “Draw” wager will prevail. 

Own goals are not included; only goals scored against the opposition will be considered. 

Both players must start the game and appear on the field for the wager to be accepted.

The wager will be settled with odds of 1.00 in the event that any of the players does not make the starting lineup. 

Bets on that player will stand even if they are replaced or sent off during the game.


LopeBet introduces an innovative betting option, “Player vs Team.” This unique wager allows patrons to predict whether an individual player will outscore an entire opposing team in terms of goals.

  1. Stakes on the “Player vs Team” are accepted up until the commencement of the game.
  2. The listed start time and date for the event marks the cutoff for wager acceptance, regardless of any actual changes to the event’s beginning. Settlements are based on the genuine start time as verified by the official documents from the event’s organizing body.
  3. The bookmaker reserves the right to alter winning odds at any point. However, the conditions of wagers placed prior to such adjustments will remain unaffected.
  4. Wagers are generally placed on the regular duration of the match, unless specific rules for the sport dictate otherwise.

Settling stakes on “Player vs Team” involves three potential outcomes: Individual, Tie, or Squad.

To win a bet on “Player,” the chosen player must outscore the entire opposing team. For instance, if Zlatan Ibrahimovic scores 2 goals against Swansea’s none in a 2:0 scenario, bets on “Player” prevail.

A “Draw” bet wins if both the player and the opposing team net an equal number of goals. So, if Ibrahimovic and Swansea both score 2 in a 2:2 match, “Tie” bets are victorious.

A wager on “Team” succeeds if the opposing team scores more than the individual player. For instance, if Swansea outdoes Ibrahimovic 2:0, with Ibrahimovic scoring none, then “Team” bets win.

Bets are only valid if the player features in the starting lineup. Should the player not start, the bet settles at odds of 1.00.

Even if the player is substituted or sent off during the match, bets on that player remain active.


Here are the rules and guidelines for placing bets on LopeBet:

American Football WageringMatch Outcome & Handicap Bets: We accept wagers for the match victor and handicap stakes. A tie post-handicap equals a null bet.Total Points: Wagers on total match points are accepted. A tie with the designated total nullifies the bet.Team Points Total: Bets on a team’s total points are offered. A tie with the designated team total nullifies the bet.Overtime Rules: All wagers include overtime except for specific exceptions like “first half/match”, “winning margin”, and fourth quarter bets.Combination Bet Restrictions: Combining different markets/outcomes from the same game in multiples/system bets is prohibited. If included, such bets will be null.
Archery BettingMatch Series: Bets are accepted on series winner, total, handicap, and first to reach “n” points.Head-to-Head: Predict the superior athlete in a round.Postponements: All outright winner bets stand. If a match begins but isn’t completed, resolved outcomes are considered for settling bets; others are void.Participant Replacement: Bets are void if a declared participant is replaced pre-match.
Athletics BettingOfficial Results: Only official records are considered for bet settlement. Subsequent result changes (due to protests, doping, etc.) are not considered.Head-to-Head: Predict the higher-finishing athlete. If both don’t complete, or there’s no difference in final standing, bets are void.Market Interrelation: Including interrelated markets/outcomes in multiples/system bets is prohibited. Such bets will be void.
Australian Football League (AFL) WagersOvertime Inclusion: All bets include overtime unless specified. Bets on the second half also encompass overtime, with certain exceptions.Match Interruptions: If a game is halted and not resumed within 25 hours, bets on unresolved outcomes are void, while settled bets stand.Postponements & Venue Changes: Bets are void if postponed over 25 hours. Venue changes don’t affect bets provided the home team remains.
Motor Racing Bets (Formula1, MotoGP, etc.)Race Winner: The first official finisher is deemed the winner. Bets on non-starters are void.Podium Finishes & Qualifications: Bets on top 3 finishes and best qualification times are offered.Head-to-Head: Predict the higher finisher. If both retire, the one completing more laps wins. Disqualifications and other regulations apply.Finishing the Race: Bets on whether a participant will complete the race are accepted, considering official classifications.
Badminton BettingMatch Cancellation & Postponement: Bets are void if the match is canceled or postponed over 25 hours.Participant Replacement: Bets are void if a declared participant is replaced.In-play Interruptions: For matches started but not finished, bets on determined outcomes stand, while others are void.
Field Hockey BettingRegulation Time: Bets cover only regulation time unless specified.Format Changes: Bets stand unless total playing time changes significantly.Venue Changes & Qualifying Bets: Venue changes don’t affect bets. Bets on teams qualifying include extra time and penalties.
Baseball BettingMatch Outcome & Totals: Bets on the outright winner, handicaps, and total points are accepted.Interruptions & Postponements: If not completed within 10 hours or postponed over 25 hours, bets are void.First Half Markets: The first five innings of a match define the first half. Bets include ‘Total’ and zero handicap outcomes.
Basketball WageringOvertime Rules: Overtime is included unless specified. Bets on the second half also include overtime.Incomplete Matches: For unfinished games, bets on completed quarters/periods stand.Player Stats & Multiples: Bets on player statistics are void if the player doesn’t participate. Combination bets with multiple outcomes from the same match are not allowed.
Various Sports (Beach Handball, Futsal, etc.)Main Game Time: Bets are for the main game time, excluding overtime unless it’s for passage bets.Interruptions & Postponements: If interrupted and not resumed within 25 hours, bets on undetermined outcomes are void.Live Betting & Official Statistics: In-play bets are settled based on outcomes determined at the moment. All outcomes rely on official statistics.
Bowls BettingParticipant Replacement & Interruptions: Bets are void if a participant is replaced before the start or if the match is interrupted and not resumed within 25 hours.
Boxing/MMA BettingFight Start & Victory Conditions: A fight starts at the first gong, and victory includes various outcomes like knockout, points, or disqualification.Rounds Betting & Venue Changes: Bets on the number of rounds and specific round outcomes are offered. Venue changes don’t affect bets.
Chess Betting: Game Outcomes & Handicap BetsBets are accepted on game outcomes and handicaps. If a participant forfeits pre-match, bets are void.
Cricket BettingOfficial Results & Interruptions: Settlement is based on official results. If interrupted and not resumed within 25 hours, bets on unresolved outcomes are void.
Curling Betting: Extra Ends & PostponementsBets include extra ends and stand until the end of the tournament, even if postponed.
Cycling Betting: Official Results & Race WinnerSettlement is based on official results. The first finisher after all stages is the winner.
Darts BettingMatch Interruptions & Winner Bets: If interrupted, the participant advancing is deemed the winner. All match winner bets stand if at least one dart is thrown.

Fast football guidelines:

  1. Leagues hosting the tournaments lay down the rules and framework for rapid football events.
  2. Winners are determined within the stipulated time of the game.
  3. In playoff games, bettors can wager on teams progressing to subsequent rounds.
  4. Matches called off due to team withdrawal, disqualification, or other reasons lead to the refund of all placed bets.
  5. If an ongoing match is halted and not resumed within 6 hours, bets are valid only for the outcomes determined until the stoppage. Wagers on results yet to be played are refunded.
  6. Betting options include choosing a team’s victory or defeat, a tie or no tie, and handicap bets.
  7. Total goals wagering is possible, with refunds for exact total predictions.
  8. For individual totals, only goals against the opposite team are considered.
  9. Players can predict the exact score of the match. The “Multiple” and “System” bets restrict the number of score predictions for each rapid football game.
  10. Time Match betting involves predicting outcomes at both half-time and full-time, indicated by V for victory and D for draw.
  11. Bets can be placed on which team will score next. Own goals are credited to the opposite team, and if no further goals, “No Goal” wins.
  12. Post-match penalty shootouts offer additional betting options like predicting the tournament progression, total shootouts, and outcomes of the last shootout.
  13. Betting options during penalty shootouts include choosing the winning team, the total number of shootouts, and the outcome of specific shootout attempts.
  14. Bets may be invalidated due to software errors, obvious odds errors, or other proofs of bet inaccuracy.

Additional events rules are the following:

E-Football RulesUtilizes online and offline football simulators.Round-robin competitions for players 18 and older.Winners are decided within the standard game time.Options are available for drawing matches without extra time or penalties.Points are awarded for wins, draws, and losses.Technical issues may lead to bet adjustments.Official tournament websites are provided for reference.
E-Basketball RulesOperates on basketball simulation platforms.Round-robin online and offline games.Winners are determined within the regular plus overtime periods.Betting options are available for each game segment.Official tournament websites are provided for reference.
E-Ice Hockey RulesUses hockey simulators for round-robin online contests.Regular time determines the match outcome.Points are awarded for various match outcomes.Official tournament websites are provided for reference.
E-Futsal RulesConducted using football simulators.Winners are determined during the regular game time.In the event of draws, players can agree to end the match as a draw.Official tournament websites are provided for reference.
E-Tennis RulesUtilizes tennis simulation platforms.Matches are decided by the result of completed sets.Online betting is available during live streams.Official tournament websites are provided for reference.
E-Cricket RulesRuns on electronic cricket simulator platforms.Winners are decided based on runs scored.Super overs determine the outcome in case of a tie.Official tournament sources are provided for reference.
E-Fighting RulesHeld on electronic fighting game platforms.Winners can be determined by rounds won or a knockout.fficial tournament source is provided for reference.
CS:GO RulesConducted on multi-user computer game platforms.Matches involve competing teams in various rounds.The outcome is based on the number of rounds won.Official tournament websites are provided for reference.
Cybersports RulesEncompasses various gaming events.Matches can consist of single or multiple games.Bets are accepted until a team wins or a draw occurs.Official tournament sources are provided for reference.

Let’s look at the list of the tournament’s official sources:

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