Player/Customer: This refers to an individual who is at least 18 years old at the time of participating in the games on the website LopeBet. They must not be legally incapacitated or partially incapacitated and have the intention to engage in games on the Website. If the legislation of the Player’s country of residence sets a different minimum age for gambling, the Player must comply with those requirements to participate.

Company: This is the legal entity that organizes and hosts games on the Website under the legal framework and stipulations of the license agreement.

Account: A unique profile created for the Player and/or Customer to participate in the Website’s games.



  • These rules are pertinent to betting bonus funds. Specifics such as the promotion period, minimum deposit, and bonus amount will be detailed in email communications or on promotion pages.
  • To release bonus funds and any associated winnings, users must place bets totaling at least 20 times the bonus amount within 14 days of receipt, unless specified differently in the terms.
  • Qualifying bets for wagering must be placed at odds of 1.5 or higher and be settled, eligible types of bets – Single, unless specified differently.
  • Sports bonuses are solely for sports events bets and cannot be wagered in the casino, live casino, or instant games.
  • The maximum betting amount with a sports bonus is 500 INR unless stated otherwise.
  • Players have two balances – the real balance and the bonus balance, with the real balance being used first.
  • Upon satisfying bonus wagering conditions, the bonus balance is converted to the real balance.
  • Withdrawal of real funds results in the forfeiture of any unwagered bonus.
  • Winnings from bonus money are credited to the bonus balance.
  • Players can monitor their bonus wagering in the “My bonuses” section, where total wagering amount, bets placed, and promotion validity period are displayed.
  • Bonuses are limited to one per IP address, player, device, etc. Breaching this rule may lead to voiding of the bonus, real balance forfeiture, and account blocking.
  • Using strategies to fulfill bonus wagering requirements is prohibited. If such activity is suspected, the player’s winnings may be voided, and the account may be permanently blocked.


  1. Players have two balances – the real balance and the bonus balance, with the real balance being used first.
  2. Cash bonuses and free spins must be wagered within 30 days, else they will be voided, except for those with specific conditions.
  3. After satisfying wagering conditions, the bonus balance converts to real balance.
  4. Withdrawal of real funds results in the forfeiture of any unwagered bonus.
  5. Winnings from bonus money are credited to the bonus balance.
  6. Some game providers may not be available in certain jurisdictions. If you cannot access your free spins, contact Support for an alternative.
  7. Casino bonuses can’t be wagered in Insta games, Live casinos, or used for sports bets.
  8. Players can monitor their bonus wagering in the “My bonuses” section, where total wagering amount, bets placed, and promotion validity period are displayed.
  9. Bonuses are limited to one per IP address, player, device, etc. Non-compliance may lead to voiding of the bonus, real balance forfeiture, and account blocking.
  10. Using strategies to meet wagering requirements for an active bonus is prohibited. If suspected, the player’s winnings may be voided, and the account may be permanently blocked.
  11. The maximum betting amount with a casino bonus is 300 INR unless stated otherwise.



  • The Terms & Conditions serve as the official regulations for the LopeBet Website and are mandatory for Players/Customers engaging in all games. These rules establish the legal relationship between LopeBet (under Favorit United N.V. and BINTPASH) and the Players/Customers. 
  • Engaging in real-money games on LopeBet implies full acknowledgment and agreement to these Terms & Conditions. 
  • Only eligible individuals, as per the defined Player requirements and in compliance with their country’s gambling laws, are allowed to participate in the games. 
  • Registration and game participation confirm the Player’s acceptance of all website terms, including Privacy Policy and specific game rules. 
  • Individuals under 18 or not in agreement with these terms must refrain from using the Website.


  1. Opening an account requires providing contact details and personal information for future identification. 
  2. The Company may request additional verification documents to confirm the Player’s identity and the accuracy of provided information. 
  3. Each Player is permitted only one account. Multiple accounts will lead to closure and potential reversal of transactions. 
  4. For registration assistance or issues, contact Customer Support via provided channels. 
  5. The Company holds the right to request fund refunds from duplicate accounts.


  • Account credentials should remain confidential. Use the “Forgot Password” feature for recovery. 
  • Players are responsible for all activities under their account and must report any unauthorized access. 
  • The Company isn’t liable for losses due to misuse or unauthorized access to a Player’s account.


  1. Players assure they are of legal age and the rightful owners of funds in their account. 
  2. The Company may perform necessary checks to verify Player identity and compliance with legal requirements. 
  3. Verification may temporarily restrict withdrawal capabilities. 
  4. Inaccurate or incomplete information may lead to account closure or service denial. 
  5. Players not of legal gambling age will face account closure and voided transactions. 
  6. Players acknowledge the risks involved and will not hold the Company liable for losses. 
  7. Players are expected to respect the integrity and reputation of the Company.


  • A minimum deposit amount is set for game participation. 
  • Players must use personal accounts for transactions, and funds should be legally obtained. 
  • The Company may use third-party services for transaction processing. 
  • Players are obliged to honor their transactions and not engage in any fraudulent activities. 
  • Withdrawal requests must comply with verification procedures and the Company’s checks for fraudulent activities. 
  • Withdrawal amounts may be subject to bet turnover requirements.
  • Withdrawals are processed as per the Company’s guidelines and within the set time frames.
  • The Company isn’t responsible for delays or non-arrival of funds due to external factors.
  • Large withdrawals may be divided into monthly installments at the Company’s discretion.


  1. Players are responsible for ensuring all details in their game bets are correct. 
  2. Transaction history is accessible via the “Deposit” link on the Website. The Company may decline transactions at its discretion, especially if terms are violated. 
  3. Transactions aren’t considered accepted until confirmed by the Company. Lack of confirmation should prompt contact with Customer Support.


  • Engaging in fraud, malware use, and other illegal activities on the Website is forbidden.
  • The Company may retract bonuses if the Player abuses them. 
  • Measures will be taken against participants in collusion or fraudulent activities. The Company isn’t responsible for losses due to such actions. 
  • Players should report suspected fraudulent activities to Customer Support. 
  • Suspected fraudulent players may have their access terminated and accounts blocked, with potential notification to law enforcement.


Engaging in any of the following activities is strictly prohibited: 

  1. Employing abusive, derogatory language, or making threats against other Players or Company staff. 
  2. Conducting any activity that disrupts the Website’s functionality. 
  3. Spreading viruses or harmful software, or mass distributing any content. 
  4. Altering, erasing, or otherwise changing any content on the Website. 
  5. Reproducing any part of the Website without explicit written permission from the Company. 
  6. Attempting to breach the Website’s security measures. Detected breaches will lead to immediate access restriction and potential legal consequences. 
  7. Trading or transferring accounts between Players or to third parties.

The Company disclaims responsibility for any damage or loss incurred due to cybersecurity breaches while using the Website.


  • Players wishing to close their account should formally request via [email protected]. Liability for the account remains until closure confirmation is received. 
  • Prior to account termination, the Company may deduct any dues from the Player’s account. Once closed, the account cannot be reimbursed or reactivated. 
  • Upon account termination, all obligations under the Terms and Conditions cease. 
  • The Company reserves the right to terminate accounts under certain conditions such as linkage to deleted or blocked accounts, illegal activities, or breach of Website terms. 
  • Accounts inactive for over 12 months may incur a maintenance fee or be closed at the Company’s discretion, leading to automatic agreement termination. 
  • The Company may terminate an account and notify the Player via email. Except in cases of fraud or violation of terms, the Company will return the remaining balance. If the Player is unreachable, funds may be held by the Company or a regulatory body.


  • Players are obliged to adhere to all Terms and Conditions as outlined on the Company’s Website. 
  • Should a Player breach these Terms & Conditions, they must reimburse the Company for any resulting costs or losses, including legal fees. 
  • Players are also responsible for compensating the Company, its affiliates, and employees for any issues arising from: the Player’s failure to comply with the Terms and Conditions; any legal violations or infringements of third-party rights by the Player; unauthorized use of the services through the Player’s credentials; Players must not claim any illicitly obtained or system error-based prizes; in case of violation, the Company may inform the Player of the breach and demand immediate cessation of the violating behavior, temporarily or permanently suspend the Player’s Account, reclaim any funds, bonuses, or winnings gained from such violations.


Players must: 

  1. Abide by all game Terms and Conditions: provide complete and accurate personal details and promptly update any changes; alert the Company immediately upon unauthorized access to their personal information; ensure all provided personal data is truthful and current. 
  2. The Company will: conduct and manage games on the Website as per the existing Terms and Conditions; inform the Player about any third-party recipients of their personal data when requested; 
  3. Players have the right to: engage with Website games under the current Terms and Conditions; request account closure through Customer Support. 
  4. The Company is authorized to: modify Terms and Conditions and service terms as necessary, with updates effective upon posting; alter Website operations and service provision procedures as per legal requirements; end agreements with Players who do not consent to data processing as per the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy; request necessary documentation from Players for prize distribution.


Players can request access to or modification of their personal data held by the Company by emailing [email protected] with appropriate identification. The Company may charge for excessive or repeated requests or refuse those deemed unreasonable.


The Company utilizes cookies for optimal website functionality. Detailed instructions for managing or deleting cookies can be found at Note that disabling cookies may restrict access to certain website features.


  • Players with complaints should direct their concerns to Customer Support for resolution.
  • Server logs will serve as the definitive record in disputes. 
  • Game outcomes, as determined by a random number generator, are final. Discrepancies between displayed and server-stored account balances will default to the latter as the accurate record.


  1. Personal data is processed strictly as per the Privacy Policy. 
  2. Submitting personal data signifies consent to its processing as outlined in the Website’s documentation. 
  3. The Company archives all player communications to maintain accurate interaction records. 
  4. Registered email addresses may receive informational communications from the Company.


  • Website content is protected and is meant for personal, non-commercial use only. 
  • Accessing the Website does not confer any ownership of intellectual property to the user. 
  • Reproduction or misuse of any Website trademarks, logos, or other materials is strictly prohibited. 
  • Players are responsible for any infringement-related costs and are expected to report any unauthorized uses they become aware of.


  1. The Company commits to rectifying system or game errors promptly but is not liable for technical failures beyond its control. 
  2. Situations arising from betting errors, system glitches, or incorrect prize calculations will be addressed, but the Company disclaims liability for any subsequent damages.


  • Players acknowledge that they use the Website at their own discretion and risk. 
  • The Company operates as outlined in the Terms & Conditions and disclaims additional representations or warranties. It also excludes liability for implied warranties to the extent permitted by law. 
  • The Company is not responsible for indirect damages, content on linked websites, or data interception over the internet.


  1. The Company is not responsible for any inability to meet its obligations due to events beyond its control, such as natural calamities, conflicts, societal disruptions, communication breakdowns, labor disputes, or cyber attacks. 
  2. Company operations are deemed suspended during such uncontrollable events, and efforts will be made to mitigate the impact and resume normal operations as soon as possible.


  • Inability of the Company to enforce strict adherence to any player obligations or to exercise its rights does not waive those rights or remedies and doesn’t release the player from their responsibilities. 
  • Any waiver of rights by the Company is only effective if formally communicated in writing.


Should any part of the Terms and Conditions be deemed void or unenforceable, that section will be modified or removed to the extent necessary, leaving the remainder in full force and reflective of the Company’s original intentions as much as possible.


The Website may include links to third-party sites over which the Company has no control and for which it assumes no responsibility regarding content, practices, or privacy policies.


  1. Continuous display of account balance aims to promote responsible gaming. 
  2. Rigorous age verification processes are in place to prevent underage gambling.


By engaging with games on the Website, players acknowledge the inherent risk of losing deposited funds. The legality of online gambling varies by jurisdiction, and it’s the player’s responsibility to ensure their participation is lawful in their region. The Company offers its services without any guarantees of compliance with specific local laws and is not liable for any legal repercussions the player might face. Players engage with the Website’s services at their own risk, understanding that the Company offers no warranties, express or implied.


Once a deposit has been made on the LopeBet Website, no refunds are available under any circumstances.


The Company is dedicated to preventing the misuse of its services for money laundering or terrorism financing. It operates in strict adherence to laws aimed at combating such illegal activities.

A dedicated Compliance Department oversees the implementation of Anti-Money Laundering measures and Know Your Customer procedures (AML/KYC), mandatory for all Company personnel. This department also defines policies for interacting with registered account holders on the LopeBet Website.

By registering an account, customers agree to the Company’s policies and commit to the following:

  • The Company requires specific documents for identity verification, including a color copy of the passport or national ID card. Additional documents like driver’s licenses or utility bills may be requested.
  • Phone number confirmation is a mandatory part of the verification process.
  • Withdrawals are permitted only post-verification and to accounts held by the identified customer. Transfers to third parties or between customers are prohibited.
  • The Company is authorized to share customer information with financial and law enforcement bodies as per legal requirements and can do so without prior consent. By using the Website, customers consent to these actions.
  • Customers must adhere to legal standards, including those aimed at preventing illegal financial activities. They must guarantee the legal source and ownership of their funds.
  • The Company will investigate suspicious transactions, including mismatched sender details and signs of fraud. This may lead to account suspension or closure.
  • Additional information may be requested if withdrawal methods differ from deposit methods. Refusal to comply can lead to account suspension.
  • During investigations, the Company may request more detailed documentation to validate the legality of funds. This might include original documents.
  • Special attention is given to customers from high-risk areas.
  • The Company’s actions to prevent money laundering, including account suspension or closure, do not constitute a breach of its obligations to customers.
  • The Company is not required to notify customers or third parties about specific anti-money laundering actions unless it involves service suspension, account opening refusal, or document requests.

This policy is integral to the customer agreement and terms of account registration on Lope.Bet.

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