Greetings, esteemed player! Try online gaming with our premier bonus offering at LopeBet – Cashback!

What is cashback, you ask? Imagine it as a partial reimbursement for your weekly gaming adventures. As you play, you might only sometimes win, but you can recoup up to 15% of your wagers with cashback. It is like a safety net for your bankroll, ensuring that some of your bets return to you.

Understand that cashback isn’t a profit-making scheme but rather a form of risk mitigation for your gaming funds.

How is Weekly Cashback Calculated?

How is Weekly Cashback Calculated?

Calculating Your Weekly Cashback: Your weekly cashback is determined by the following formula: (total bets – total winnings) * percentage of cashback. It is an important to note that cashback applies only to the main balance losses. Winnings and bonus balances aren’t considered in this calculation. Essentially, cashback is the way at casino of giving a helping hand exclusively to players who didn’t strike luck during the week.

How to Claim Cashback?

Claiming Your Cashback: Eager to make the most of this betting safety net? Here is how to proceed:

  1. Sign up on the Lopebet platform and set up your gaming profile.
  2. Fuel your account with an initial deposit.
  3. Immerse yourself in our array of captivating slot games!

Your cashback for the preceding week is automatically calculated every Monday at 5:30 (GMT+5:30). To claim what is yours, head over to the “Cash box” section and activate your cashback. Then, deposit an amount equal to or greater than the cashback value in a single transaction by the following Thursday 5:30 (GMT+5:30).

Once your deposit is in, the cashback is yours, credited swiftly to your account. However, remember the x10 wager requirement to transfer the bonus from the dedicated account to your primary one (INR).

LopeBet invites you to exploit all the perks and privileges of our casino world!

Best of luck in your gaming journey โ€“ may fortune smile upon you!

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